Suburban Eschatology Part Two

Yeah, you'd like me to tell you about the first part...

20 December 1972
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Who am I? I am the stranger next door plotting domination, but I am friendly enough to let on that the coallition will probably gain power in Paraguay first... I am a Father, a Student, a Writer, and a few other things too. I used to be a liberal, I almost teetered into the conservative realm (economics only, people, jeeze, I am not ONE OF THEM!), and now I just hope that we can nation-build in America better than we are doing it overseas.

I am an English Major. I am a History Major. I am earning my Mid-East Studies certificate. I am learning Arabic. I am an emerging scholar of folklore and mythology. I know more about Christianity than you probably do, but I won't hold it against you if you don't hold it against me that I lost my faith in the divinity of Jesus quite some time ago, though I find, sometimes to my surprise, that some sort of faith remains...

I am the father of a second grader (when I entered this, at least) and of a four year old. I am single. Demographically, I am essentially a male soccer mom (and a soccer coach, too). It is lonely, but it has many rewards.

And finally, my blogs don't live here.

They live here: http://rubble.blogspot.com
And here: http://democracyindistress.blogspot.com
And here, again: http://afl.deviantart.com

And, you must and I know you can; you must keep on rockin' the free world.